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Domestic oil casing market decline eased

Article Source:Popularity:Issuing time:2016-7-30 20:00:48smallinBig

 Domestic oil casing market decline eased, part of the ultra fall varieties small rebound. In steel production hit a record high, the decrease in the number of imported raw materials and domestic raw materials manufacturers operating at lower, under the influence of factors such as comprehensive market pessimism slightly improved, volumes have increased. By when on Thursday, the main varieties of price action embodied in: domestic ore small-scope fluctuation, import ore continues to rebound; Coke, coal in the steady drop; Scrap or mutual now; Pig iron overall decline, billet to small and medium rise; Special alloy fell, ordinary alloy running smoothly.

To close down backward production facilities and sintering desulfurization as the current to be completed. These requirements are very specific, especially involving nearly 200 sets of sintering desulfurization device, enormous quantity wide, need to increase funding ?