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J55 casing promotive confidence can appropriate enhancing oil

Article Source:Popularity:Issuing time:2016-7-30 19:59:50smallinBig

 Seen from the data in recent months. Domestic real estate prices after a sustained rise in nearly two years, entered the adjustment, new construction activities, land purchases and real estate sales real estate downturn, bring economic downward pressure. Although June HSBC PMI manufacturing data and output may improve, but still obvious differentiation of investment in fixed assets, mainly rely on the government investment in infrastructure have risen sharply, to offset the decline of the investment real estate and manufacturing. In this level, the domestic J55 oil casing economic growth remained concerns, because the real estate market a weaker pattern of increased economic downward pressure is obvious.

May decline in real estate investment growth significantly, or close to the low since the subprime crisis, considering the real estate industry closely with many of the upstream and downstream industry ?