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Oil casing market volume continued to grow

Article Source:Popularity:Issuing time:2016-7-30 19:59:27smallinBig

 Recently local resources leading steel mills, though not pricing, but oil casing market trading volume continues to increase, the market higher activity, traders to cater to the market to adjust quotation, opening today, Shanghai profiles of part price reductions. Tangshan billet aspects: this morning, changli carbon billet ex-factory price 2880 yuan, traders before tax 2740 yuan, stability, cost support the same intensity. Inventory: current downstream demand release speed, site construction in succession, the local profile will have buying spree, traders purchase positively, local material inventories last week rose 2.58% this week. Together the domestic steel market in supply is greater than demand, adjust efforts to strengthen in the steel industry, the overall economy downward pressure, insufficient internal impetus driving economic growth, will also ? to some extent