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N80 oil casing market clinch a deal the situation did not improve

Article Source:Popularity:Issuing time:2016-7-30 19:58:50smallinBig

 The price of steel mill is not a new policy, N80 oil casing market clinch a deal the situation did not improve, so at this stage the local cold-rolled market prices remained steady operation. Stock aspect, at present the business of shougang resource is very abundant, tiantie fewer resources, anshan iron and steel box plate part of the specification, the phenomenon of the shortage, so the stocks in the market as a whole remained normal. Above all, the recent market price of tianjin cold rolled or is expected to continue to run steady. Steel trade dealer complaints in this year's loans and other financing. Near the end of the month, the strength of local merchants shipping remains strong, some big stock traders make greater efforts to repatriate funds will be relatively high small warehouse price reduced to big warehouse resources level, this also is a kind of helpless. this