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J55 casing oil market upside

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 This week J55 casing oil market fall after rise first, modest; And most domestic region is given priority to with watching temporarily, price stability, and the actual transaction price is a bit loose. Many manufacturers because of the sales price of steel billet loss more, temporarily stall selling stock. The fifteenth day is over, hong kong-listed festal atmosphere also subsequently turn pale, billet market activity will gradually rise next week. But given during the two sessions, the parties wait-and-see sentiment strong, And the rolling pressure of environmental protection of enterprise; Combined with the downstream procurement is more cautious, so the billet recovery will be slow. And billet inventory pressure on the current market, it will be one of the important factors that inhibit the billet rebound. Comprehensive consideration, billet prices next week is expected to maintain a low, destocking will start gradually. Domestic waste