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Short-term K55 petroleum casing market will continue to give priority to in order to run smoothly

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 This week K55 petroleum casing pipe market price is relatively chaos, south and the north have different regional financial situations, most of the iron works is still losing money. According to xuzhou region of casting iron works, downstream demand has accelerated recently, although the price is low but the basic can be stabilized, and the north market is not obvious improvement, shipment still is given priority to with previous orders, some of Carnegie said recent clinch a deal is pale, quotation is lower. Comprehensive consideration, is expected next week casting pig iron market concussion run slightly. Domestic pig iron market overall weak steady, yicheng region cut 20-40 yuan (tons of price, similarly hereinafter), clinch a deal. Raw material imports ore prices fell, the decline significantly, the coke market remains weak, the pig iron market support underpowered. Temporary ? steelmaking pig iron market this week