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The performance characteristics of directly buried insulating pipe

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 1, according to different medium temperature pipe insulation materials, using polyurethane foam, using temperature is 120 ℃ or less acid ester foam as the ideal thermal insulation material.

2, the protective casing is made of high density polyethylene material extrusion forming, its high strength, good waterproof, decay resistance performance.
3, foam thermal insulation layer, steel pipe and outer pipe within the three closely integrated into an organic whole, shear strength between the layers of acuity 0.2 Mpa.
4 acuity 0.2 Mpa compressive strength, thermal insulation layer, guarantee the insulation structure in soil stress and deformation under the action of dynamic load on the ground. Directly buried insulating pipe high compressive strength, waterproof anti-corrosion performance is good, long service life, can be widely used in city, factory, building area of central heating, transport, power plant and cooling water is suitable for the directly buried installation.