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Seamless steel tube industry renowned mobile Internet future prospects

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 In recent years, mobile communications and the Internet has become the fastest development in the world today, the largest potential market, the most attractive of the two business prospects, derived from a combination of both of the mobile Internet is to create an unprecedented economic miracle. Data show that in 2013 China's mobile Internet market scale reached 105.98 billion yuan, up 81.2% growth rate expected by 2017, this figure will grow by about 4.5 times nearly 600 billion yuan.

For traditional physical industry, the mobile Internet is undoubtedly a huge profit cake waiting to share. When the traditional line market profit margins increasingly compressed, Internet e-commerce increasingly competitive market, the emerging mobile Internet so that all traditional industries lifted, "net" has become in recent years the most popular topics. Layout of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet market to seize the opportunity, many companies are rising to the important strategic position,
Seamless steel pipe industry as one of the industries in recent years, rising rapidly, even though the majority of production enterprises in the new economic tide had carved a slice, but swept the face of the mobile Internet, the same inevitably involved in this field "net" tide them. Seamless steel landing new mobile Internet market, although still in the early stage of development, but experts predict: seamless steel pipe industry development prospects in the mobile Internet immeasurable.
Seamless is an economic cross-section steel, widely used in oil extraction and processing, pipeline transportation, machinery manufacturing, boiler manufacturing, and large venues construction. In the past, seamless steel pipe production enterprises mainly rely on traditional offline store sales model for product sales to obtain economic benefits, but the seamless steel pipe production enterprises to enter the mobile Internet market, will exceed the drawbacks of traditional stores by the constraints of time, to achieve 24-hour product sales, will greatly enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.
More importantly, since the mobile Internet to break the constraints of time and space, seamless steel pipe production enterprises are faced with more than 600 million mobile Internet users, which means seamless steel pipe production enterprises to tap more potential consumption groups, open up new sales markets at low cost investment conditions to obtain higher economic returns.
Although the development of seamless steel pipe industry in the mobile Internet market is still in its infancy, but the integration and development of traditional industrial entities and the mobile Internet will be the inevitable trend of future development. I believe that with the mobile Internet on traditional business entities affect the deepening and development of seamless steel pipe production enterprise mobile Internet experience continues to mature, seamless steel pipe industry will open up new horizons in the mobile Internet!
    Hebei Shengtian Group Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. The main production equipment: 180 automatic rolling production line of hot-rolled piercing unit 3 sets of interactive dual-core rod drawing machine 16, and automatic screw steel straightening machine rolling head.. machine anhydrous annealing and pickling the surface of coatings and other ancillary equipment. Physical and chemical company producing chamber may bear the physical and chemical tests and experiments for steel pipes, and has applied to high. The low pressure seamless steel oil casing eddy current flux leakage testing ultrasonic testing and other testing equipment, detection means complete and advanced, can fully meet the standards of testing and experimental steel requirements.
    The company's main products are: low-pressure boiler seamless steel pipe, oil casing seamless steel pipe, ship with seamless steel tubes, transmission fluid with seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking, chemical fertilizer equipment, seamless steel pipe, structural seamless steel tubes, seamless steel pipes and other hollow rod pumping eight series. Can GB.ASTM.API5L.API5CT..DIN.JIS. And other standard production 10mm-820mm, wall thickness of 1.5mm-30mm seamless steel pipe. Products are sold nationwide and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East to Europe and America., Dozens of countries and regions. In the domestic market enjoyed a high reputation.