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Seamless steel pipe through the technology to reduce energy costs

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 Seamless steel tube through technical transformation to reduce energy costs, adding ladle cover in put into use in at the end of last year's project gradually show results, each furnace can reduce the loss of temperature 7 ℃, can reduce consumption of per ton steel 2 yuan. To modify two wen laryngeal orifice, according to the smelting gas discharge of two wen laryngeal orifice automatic control, increase the gas recycled. By improving the production control ability, reduce the number of all kinds of accidents and realize the stable production, thereby increasing energy costs reduced. To strong research of two GaXian furnace energy consumption, combined with the features of the rolling mill and continuous casting production line, reasonable optimization of combustion parameters, earnestly implementing three regular operation and standardized operations at the same time, the appropriate cut the slab heating temperature, small diameter seamless steel tube to reduce energy costs.

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