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Seamless steel pipe market specific will be how to run

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 Seamless steel pipe prices overall stabilisation, part of a slight rise and fall, the market feedback to clinch a deal is weak; Part of the business with the aid of positive factors, trying to pull up the price after shipment at a lower price, but it generally. End demand is still insufficient funds, climate, construction practical factors such as limit, purchase intention is not strong, continue to wait-and-see attitude, but spot business at this time, also do not have the price idea, consolidation is a major operating stability.

Seamless steel pipe price stability in the narrow adjustment, fell space is insufficient, tentative rebound also encounter clinch a deal the block; Demand, there is no improvement after the beginning of July, the end demand picks up, poor overall shipments in resolutely resist the seamless steel pipe prices tentative to recover. In July, after domestic seamless steel tube prices decline somewhat